Mick Melbourne 3

Photos taken  by Michael Melbourne
on a visit to the Darjeeling area in November 1977

These photographs where taken  on a day trip from Darjeeling to Kalimpong
the party travelling in Land Rover cars.
We arrived in Kalimpong midday and returned to Darjeeling in the late  afternoon.
The road is the National Highway 31A to Sikkim.

Many thanks to Sushil Dikshit  for giving me more details of where these
photographs where taken, any further comments, please e-mail to website@dhrs.org

View up the Teesta Valley,  after crossing onto the eastern side of the River Teesta

View from a  Tourist halt called "View Point" on the Peshoke Road
Teesta River and the Rangeet River joining

This village and bridge (bottom  left of picture) is upstream on the banks of the River Teesta,
nearing Ranipool on the way to Gangtok, Sikkim N.H.31A

Another view of the village

The old Teesta Bridge at  Teesta Baazar
This Military Suspension Bridge built after the 1968 devasting floods  which
destroyed the old concrete bridge crossing the Teesa at Teesta  Baazar.
 (the remains  of the support towers and suspension cables still there in 2004)
The bridge was replaced later by a concrete bridge downstream to the right.