Anup Vittal 2

Photos provided  by Anup Vittal - part 2

Part of Batasia Loop - Darjeeling  in the background

Picturesque  view of DHR Loco 779 & train at Batasia Loop
The garden around the monument is partially visible

Jai Gorkha Batasia - Aditya  Vittal dressed in traditional Gorkha attire

My wife Bipasha & son  Aditya at Batasia Loop, with DHR Loco 779 in the background

In the station at Darjeeling

Railway Engineer in the making?  At the loco shed, off the Darjeeling Station

Darjeeling Post Office, on  Laden La Road, a must-see for anyone visiting Darjeeling. Gothic style  architecture, but being modernized now.

View of the Rink Mall, Darjeeling,  overlooking the valley.
The urban sprawl which seems to be slowly but inevitably catching up  with Darjeeling town.