John Clemmens

Pictues by John Clemmens of the DHR

2010 Landslide at Paglajhora - photos taken 20th December 2010


Pictures of the rebuilding of the Darjeeling loco shed

Pictures of the new inspection pit at Darjeeling Station.

The end of the line at Paglajhora and the main highway to Darjeeling !!

Damage at the famous bridge near to the water point on the corner of Lower Paglajhora.
A large bolder, with an estimated weight of 18 tons, is wedged under the bridge.

The highway and the railway crossed this part of the hillside before the 2010 summer monsoons

1/2 Mile south of the famous corner and bridge at Lower Paglajhora and the north end of the land slide. The remains of two concrete sleepers in the right foreground shows the original alignment, with the road at the bottom of the picture..

A village on the road side, now cut-off, unless you walk !

A group of people mark where the original track of the road and DHR was !

When the new alignment is cut through, the houses just around the corner will have to be demolished.

It is going to take a long time to make a new road & railway with a few shovels.

Looking south from the north end of the land slide. The material is going to be very difficult to clear.
It is a vast area of loose cracked rock.
No blasting is allowed here due to the crumbling nature of the whole earth.

Approximate alignment of the old highway and the railway across the hillside.

Looking from the north of the landslide towards the south.
The south end is close to a village known as Fourteen Mile Bhusty and is slightly less seriously damaged.
The DHR track alignment would have been near the left-hand edge of the photo.