The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Society is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales, no. 7406570.

Registered office: 9 Wardo Avenue, London SW6 6RA

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DHRS Education Group


Formed in 2005 the Education Group aims to encourage and support local schools and colleges along the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR) in achieving an increased awareness of, and commitment to the railway.

How We Help

• With resource materials and activities aimed at raising awareness of the DHR. Examples include colouring sheets, quiz material and 'I Spy' books featuring stations along the DHR.

• By sponsoring competitions for local schools. An art competition in 2006 was especially successful, attracting three hundred high quality entries from Darjeeling schools. In this and other activities the Group works closely with the ladies of the Darjeeling Inner Wheel and with the DHRS India Support Group who provide most valuable local advice and practical support.

• By other activities such as sponsoring train rides for local children, and funding of small education-linked projects.

How You Can Help

• By telling us of any recent or current links you have with schools and colleges along the DHR – and which might form the basis of their joining our list of sponsored schools.

• By ‘recycling’ any unwanted Darjeeling Mail magazines which can always be put to good use in schools. Please return them to Paul Whittle (addresses on inside front cover of the magazine).

• By couriering for us to India small, usually lightweight examples of teaching material when you visit the Darjeeling region.

• By making a donation to the Darjeeling Railway Community Support Group (see their separate web page for contact details) and allocating the whole or part of your donation to an educational project. The two Groups will liaise to put your donation to good use and will report to you on what has been achieved.

For Further Information

Please contact Paul Whittle on 01932 346549 or at

DHRS Schools Awareness Programme 2016

This year’s programme was held on 15 November for about 50 children from the Congress School Ghum.
The day started with the children and staff moving by road to Darjeeling Station where picnic boxes were distributed (and rapidly emptied!) before an excellent, varied programme of activities including music, dance and a DHR quiz which is always popular.
Among those attending was Mr Suman Pradhan, Station Manager, Darjeeling.

It was a very colourful and enjoyable time and all too soon it was time for the excited children to get on board for a diesel-hauled Joy Train ride to Ghum.

As always, the organisation of the day was in the capable hands of the ladies of the Inner Wheel Club of Darjeeling.
After the event David Charlesworth, Editor, Darjeeling Mail and Paul Whittle, Vice Chairman DHRS hosted the IWC ladies with an excellent High Tea at the New Elgin Hotel to show appreciation of their efforts.

Congress School staff, pupils and Inner Wheel members at Darjeeling Station

Strictly Come Dancing – Darjeeling Style!

DHR Quiz Time for the Children.

 Children alongside the loco that will take their train to Ghum

Paul Whittle (left) and David Charlesworth (right) with the Inner Wheel Club Committee at the New Elgin Hotel.