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The Darjeeling Mail

Our quarterly  magazine packed with a wide variety of subject matter regarding the line, including the latest news. Articles will cover everything from the lines history to tips on travel, both to it and on it; everything, in fact from construction histories to present workings, complemented by drawings and  photographs.

In the current  issue :- Issue 87, published August 2019

 1    From the Editor

  2    UNESCO intervenes over DHR Conservation Issues

  2    UNESCO’s Action

  2    The Indian Railways’ Position

  3    The DHRS Viewpoint

  3    News from the line

  3    DHR News

  4    A revised Joy Train timetable

  4    DHRS Education Group

  5    Public Relations Notes

  5    Indian Steam Railway Society

  5    Wires to New Jalpaiguri

  6    Doing the research!

  9    Up the line to Darjeeling

 24   The UNESCO/Indian Railways Workshops 8-18 May 2019

 28   The Haldibari link

 30   Society Events

 30   Shows and Events

 31   DHRS on-line

 31   The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Society’s website is

 31   The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Society’s Facebook page

 32   Castleton and Margaret’s Hope Tea Estates
   by Joya Allay, hospitality manager

 32   Letters

 32   Website

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Much of the content of Darjeeling Mail is timeless, plus the news pages relive the line’s history and development in recent years.

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Your Editor giving some embarrassingly passionate speeches!
Whilst in Darjeeling November 2016

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