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The Driver's eye view of the Kalka to Shimla Railway

View fron the Railcar

The Kalka to Shimla narrow-gauge railway, is known for dramatic views of the Himalayan foothills and surrounding villages. There's no better way of seeing this incredible engineering marvel than from the driver's eye views. We ride aboard a specially charted Railcar to capture some great images of the line. Our journey is not for the faint-hearted, as for mile after mile we traverse ledges carved out of the hillside.
The scenery is spectacular, rising over four and a half  thousand feet with a punishing rolling gradient of 1 in 33.
The 2ft 6in or 762mm gauge line has 102 tunnels and no less than 969 bridges and culverts throughout the line's 60 miles running to the former British Raj summer capital of Simla (as it was originally called) .
There are 20 classic stations on the route, all with British-built lower quadrant semaphore signals, controlled by Neal's single line token-block system.

Edited running time 122 minutes (normal journey time 300 minutes).

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