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The  Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Society is an International group,
based  in the UK, dedicated to promoting awareness of, interest in, and support  for,
The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, India.

 The DHR Society was founded by a small band of concerned enthusiasts  in 1997, who, aware of the railways uncertain state, decided to be active and form a focus for all those who are interested in the line and are concerned for its future.
With a membership of over 800 in 24 countries the DHRS seeks to appeal to those who may, have an interest in the area, or merely this remarkable line, whether it is of an historical nature, more contemporary history or even to 'model it'.

Notice to Travellers - Disruption of DHR Servicesdhrmap
Full script now on Travel Information page

2012 AGM - Details of the 2012 AGM posted here.

New company limited by guarantee
 At the Annual General Meeting held on 19th June 2010, Members passed a Resolution approving draft Memorandum and Articles of Association to be used in applying for incorporation of the Society as a company limited by guarantee. I am pleased to report that the application has been successful and that the Society was registered on 13th October 2010. To provide a logical dividing line between the unincorporated Society and the new company, the latter commenced trading on 1st January 2011. One of the principal benefits of registering as a company, as pointed out at the 2009 and 2010 Annual General Meetings, is that Members' liability will no longer be unlimited but instead will be restricted to that stated in the Articles, namely £1.00 per  Member. The first Annual General Meeting of the new company was held on 18th June 2011.



Picture of the staff at Kurseong Loco shed that have completed a major overhaul of 804B ‘Queen of Hills’
More details on Sushil News

The staff that overhauled 804B,
 from Left to Right are
1. Mr. Kishen Pradhan  M.C.M.
2. Mr.Sunil Manger Steamman Grade II
3. Mr.D.R.Rana¬  MIC/TDH.
4. Mr. Satish Rai Tech. Grade II.
5. Mr. B.Lama Head Clerk, Loco Shed          Kurseong.
6. Mr. Kishu Rai Tech. Grade II
7. Mr. Sanjib Mazhi Boiler Maker.Grd II 
8. Mr.R.B.Raouth Tech. Grade I.


Membership  of the society
Includes a high quality 'quarterly' magazine, The Darjeeling Mail packed with a wide variety of articles and photos,
including current  information from the line, as well as reports and submissions from past  workers
 and people who live along the line.  To join our society, please see “DHRS Membership” page

We  have a growing selection of sales items,
Full details of all goods for sale including books, video's, DVDs, atlas and maps of the DHR
and details of payment by credit card, please see “DHRS Shop
See some of our new items we stock here

Holiday Tours to DHR and other locations in India and USA
For those wishing to visiting the DHR line and other locations, tours that include charter trains
and access to Tindharia workshops, are arranged through
 Darjeeling Tours Ltd. (www.darjeelingtours.co.uk)

The "Darjeeling  Railway Community Support" group is adjunct to the  DHRS,
formed to give direct support to the local people along the line.
See photos of their latest support for schools in the area.

DHRS Education Group
Formed in 2005 the Education Group aims to encourage and support local schools and colleges along the DHR in achieving an increased awareness of, and commitment to the railway.

DHRS Archive
We also have a social calendar that includes local area groups, nation-wide talks and many other events
Contact the secretary  for details.
Members have access to our considerable archive. In  the time the society has been in existence, liaising with Indian Railways,  it has played a key role in the decision not only to retain steam on the DHR but to inject fresh energy into the line as well.

Indian Web Site for the DHR
Indian Railways has given the DHR its own web site, the site at www.dhr.indianrailways.gov.in
Please note, this web site has not been updated for over 20 months



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The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Society is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales, no. 7406570.
Registered office: The Oaks, Bulleigh Barton Court, Ipplepen, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 5UA.