Darj Mail Issue 5 to 8


  • News from the line
  • Going Loopy (part 2)
  • Batasia loop
  • Gradient profile
  • Riyang station
  • Zigzag No1
  • In Search of the Darjeeling Tanks
  • Gillanders Arbuthnot & Co
  • Tank Wagon


  • News from the line
  • Repairing the breach
  • Going Loopy (part 3)
  • Loop No2
  • Zigzag No1 to No 6
  • Tour - the DHRS
  • Measuring a railway curve
  • David Barrie
  • Bullhead rail


  • News from the line
  • First impressions
  • Bogies
  • Bogie drawing
  • New Jalaiguri Locomotive and carriage sheds
  • New Jalpaiguri Depot
  • Going Loopy (part 4)
  • Witch of Ghoom
  • Colliery Engines
  • Buffing gear


  • May 2000 celebrations
  • News from the line
  • Best Kept Station Competition
  • Impressions of Darjeeling - Mary Stickland
  • Tindharia (part1)
  • Tindharia Works
  • Garratt atChunbati
  • Going Loopy - Postscript
  • In And Around Darjeeling - Marilyn Metz
  • Postal markings of the DHR
  • Toy Train Competition

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